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Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service with Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP solutions are telephony solutions provided by VoIP providers that host the hardware in their data center and transfers voice over the IP network.

Customer service is essential for any business, as it is going to allow you to communicate directly with your customers and provide them with the necessary help and assistance they might need. One such form of assistance is having a top notch phone communication system in place, but often times, when using a standard phone service, your client is left on hold for long periods of time.

The longer they are left on hold the more likely they are to hang up and the less likely they are to ever contact you back. This is why you need to consider hosted VoIP. Short for voice over Internet Protocol, the hosted VoIP service is going to greatly improve your ability to communicate and work with customers.

Here Are Seven Reasons Why You Need to Switch to a Hosted VoIP Service

  1. On an average day, executives spend 15 minutes a day on hold. With the hosted service, you are not limited to the number of lines you have, which allows you to connect quicker and in turn increases your productivity by reducing this wait time.
  2. The hosted service is handled by an offsite service that has more than a single operator. As the phone line can be directed towards you instead of waiting in a call bank, the client does not have to wait, often at all, on hold.
  3. Only 30 percent of business callers are not placed on hold and the clients will greatly appreciate this.
  4. 68 percent of all business lost each year is due to inferior phone treatment. This means you need to improve how clients feel they are treated, and this is done with the VoIP service.
  5. When keeping someone on hold is necessary, it is important to keep it short. The hosted service directs the phone call almost instantly, and this is important, because when an individual waits for nearly two minutes, they are likely to hang up, and a third of these callers will never contact you or use your service ever again.
  6. Reducing hold time improves customer service and improves the mood of the client, which makes them more likely to use your services and recommend it to others.
  7. The hosted service for VoIP does allow you to play messages and music over the line, which is important as the wait time feels shorter with music.
Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP services have several advantages over other telephony services.

With an improved phone service, more consumers will be likely to shop with you and buy products over the phone.

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