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Cloud PBX Upgrades Your Business

Cloud PBX offers many technical and business benefits for both start-ups and large enterprises. Full-featured Cloud PBX services are very affordable.

Since Cloud PBX was first introduced, it has allowed businesses to improve their customer relations, their company image, and their productivity.  Cloud PBX service offers multiple benefits for start-up companies and large enterprises alike. Cloud PBX service offers exceptional affordability and scalability as well.

Cloud PBX – What Is It

Cloud PBX Upgrades Your Business.

Cloud PBX Upgrades Your Business

From our article What is Cloud PBX, we explain that a cloud PBX (or hosted PBX) is a private branch exchange (PBX) phone system that is delivered as a hosted service, rather than one that has hardware on-site. Cloud PBX can function over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), over the Internet (IP PBX or VoIP), or over a combination of the two.

How Cloud PBX Upgrades Your Business

Here are just a few of the ways Cloud PBX can enhance your business:

  • Scalability: For start-up companies who anticipate growth and expansion, it is not necessary to invest in a larger solution up front.  Because of the scalability that Cloud PBX’s offer, increasing the size of a solution is no problem, and businesses that are constantly growing do not need to continuously invest in more hardware to keep up with the expansion.
  • Enhanced Company Image:  Smaller businesses are able to appear to be on the same playing field with large enterprises with Cloud PBX.  With features like Interactive Voice Response, customers will be left with the impression that businesses are much larger than they may truly be.
  • Mobility:  Cloud PBX allows agents and employees who are constantly on the move to stay connected with their office and customers.  Call forwarding and time of day routing enables employees who are travelling to never miss a call.
  • Low Cost Calling:  By enriching Cloud PBX with toll free DID numbers and toll free numbers, customers are able to reach businesses in other countries without paying long-distance charges.
  • Localized Branches:  For larger companies who have multiple global offices, Cloud PBX allows integration into one streamlined channel.    Rather than dialing country codes, coworkers who are located across the world are just an extension away.
  • Easily Upgradable:  Upgrades are no longer an expensive and time-consuming endeavor with Cloud PBX, because buying more hardware is not a necessity, unlike traditional fixed telephony.

Cloud PBX Service Winning Over More Companies

In our recent cloud PBX versus on site PBX article, we point out that More and more companies are switching to hosted cloud PBX services. The companies who switch gain the predictable and affordable monthly cost, the good quality offered with VoIP calls. The also get the scalability and flexibility that cloud PBX services offer. Better still, companies that switch get access to a full-featured PBX service, so all their existing settings can be transferred to their new cloud PBX.

AVOXI Core – Complete Cloud PBX

The AVOXI Core Cloud PBX is a complete Cloud PBX service that offers tremendous scalability from 1 to thousands of seats. AVOXI Core is offered in a very affordable package that enables addition features to be switched on quickly. It’s a great call center solution that works well for small and large companies alike. As with any cloud PBX, AVOXI Core is offered as a hosted service. This means that there is no PBX equipment at your company’s office, and that all remote agents and your office staff members connect through the Internet to AVOXI’s data centers where the cloud PBX service is hosted.

Cloud PABX in Europe

Just to clear up confusion, in most European nations, cloud PBX service is referred to as “cloud PABX service”, where PABX means “private automated branch exchange”. Somehow the “automated” is called out separately, but cloud PBX service and cloud PABX service are identical in form and function.

Either way, no matter what size your business may be, or where it may be, Cloud PBX offers an opportunity to enhance and improve your company’s communications, customer satisfaction, sales campaign ROI, customer retention, and customer referrals that help new customer acquisition.

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