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US Toll Free Numbers Drive Half Or More of Inbound Marketing Sales

US toll free numbers now drive half, or more, of all inbound marketing sales.  Marketers have found that there’s a phone call lead for every web form fill.

Tired of not getting the number of leads you want for your business? Wondering why the phone just isn’t ringing off the hook? It may just be that you’re not making it easy enough for your prospects to contact you. If your business isn’t using US toll free numbers, you may be loosing out on sales. Currently, US toll free numbers drive more qualified and valuable leads then any contact form on a website.

Toll Free Numbers Drive Inbound Sales

Toll Free Numbers Drive Inbound Sales

Today’s consumer is just not satisfied with doing business with only a computer. Your customers want to talk to a live person and get their questions answered quickly. A live sales agent may be all that it takes to get that customer to pull out their credit card and make the purchase. Companies that integrate US toll free numbers leading directly to sales consultants are finding that their average sale ticket is increasing as well.

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Better Leads with US Toll Free Numbers

Sales agents answering your phones are positioned to easily create up-sales or add-on sales as well. A simple form can not do this. A form can not sense the needs of a customer in the same way as a live sales agent can. Even though many people rely on cellular phones for their main communication system, businesses and consumers working from land line phones are still attracted to toll free numbers. It’s easy to quickly call a number without having to worry about the cost.

Toll free numbers usually mean easy access to a human being

This is attractive to many businesses and consumers. It may just take a few short questions answered by a friendly sales agent to close the sale. For customers who are trying to decide between one or more products or systems, the sales agent is able to focus the customer on more than just price. Often the sales agent trained in consultative sales may be able to sell a higher priced system after determining that it better meets the customer’s needs.

When the customer’s needs are met with a friendly adviser, they are more likely to call back for additional products or services. They are also more likely to refer a friend or colleague to your company. If you think toll free numbers are too expensive or a thing of the past, think again. You may be letting at least half of all your potential sales go by not having a memorable toll free number.

Toll free numbers gives businesses the power to easily create marketing campaigns by associating specific extensions to a particular campaign. You can create a unique toll free numbers per marketing channel, have one for website, print, television, pay per click advertising, and radio. The toll free number acts as a trackable and measurable marketing tool that drives inbound leads, sales and ROI.

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Salvador Stabler

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