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Using Hosted IVR for Business Continuity

Have you considered a hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system as a component of your disaster recovery plan? If not, you should. In the event of a catastrophe, hosted IVR can secure your inbound communications making it possible to continue to receive calls at an alternate location.

Interactive Voice Response also makes it possible for your business to continue operations in the event of a massive spike in inbound traffic to your call centers.

Interactive Voice Response

The inbound call is routed to the interactive voice response platform, and based on the application design, the call is answered via touch tone or speech recognition  menu.  The information request is then routed via secure network to the appropriate application server for response to the request. If the caller needs to speak to a live agent, the call can then be routed to the customer’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system.

IVR can be used for:

  • Information hotlines
  • Event status updates
  • Inbound staff notifications
  • Employee accountability
  • Continuity of operations
  • Evacuation routes/instructions
  • Product recall alerts
  • Intelligent agent routing

They can also be integrated with voice mail, “find me” and click-to-call features. Plus, our hosted interactive voice response systems are easily programmable through a graphical user interface (GUI). AVOXI designs and implements interactive voice response systems based on Asterisk and VoIP technologies to deliver a broad range of features and functionalities for a variety of customer types. Our hosted IVRs are easily integrated with reporting and monitoring features of the AVOXI’ ACD system.

Ensure your business receives calls in a catastrophe. Consider a hosted IVR system as part of your business continuity plan. Contact AVOXI today for more information.

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