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Using Smart Queue to Win More Business

Hello from sunny San Jose Costa Rica!  My name is Rob Stark and I own and operate a near shore call center here in C.R. and I was recently invited to share my experiences with AVOXI’s virtual call center solution –  Smart Queue.  I have used this product to win and retain new business and I am happy to share some insight.


One of the principle selling points of the Smart Queue for us was the transparency it allows us to offer our customers.  This is achieved by having detailed conversations about what the expectations are from your customers, and boiling those down to a set of numbers, or a report card.  This report card allows for weekly, daily or even real time visibility by both your managers and your clients, which can be a big help in catching problems before they grow into an unhappy customer.

In a recent campaign we did with a customer, we actually had a training session with our AVOXI rep, the customer and both of the managers we had assigned from our end.   We went over all of the different reports and monitoring capabilities of Smart Queue, and from there we jointly defined what expectations we had and put them down in writing.  It took a lot of the guess work out of both ends.

After setting the expectations together with the client, we gave them the ability to track all of it by creating an administrative user for them.  We have had issues with customers in the past not really paying much attention to daily or weekly batch reports, or wanting to see raw data etc… so giving them the ability to look at exactly what we see was a godsend.

As a side note, it ended up significantly lowering the amount of management time we needed to dedicate to this customer.  All of the requests to run a report on this or that never happened.  It became a great value add for the customer to go through the reports and do their own brainstorming.  They actually ended up changing part of their advertising strategy after detecting some interesting patterns in call volume.

Rob Stark

Acasa Marketing is the parent company of Lenguajes Del Mundo SA, a wholly owned subsidiary operating an outsourcing call center in Costa Rica since 2006.

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