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Virtual Call Center Proves to Cut Costs

Virtual call centera call center in which agents are/can be dispersed geographically, rather than all in a building operated by the organization; call center agents rely on the Internet to work from home or any other decentralized location.   

Virtual call centers are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. With the economic crisis from a few years ago still present and fresh in everyone’s mind, contact centers are finding themselves in search of cost-saving telephony solutions; many are finding cloud based call center solutions to be the most suitable option. According to a study sponsored by Enghouse Interactive, switching to cloud based call center solutions provides many cost saving benefits. Additionally, virtual call centers are helping companies reach full potential by creating a forum on which contact centers can operate more efficiently and increase productivity.

The results of the conducted study, which surveyed more than 200 contact centers operational leaders, confirm that switching from a multi-site call center to one virtual call center helps decrease queue times and problems with call variability. In fact, 71% of those who switch to a virtual call center saw an improvement in those two areas.

Furthermore, cloud based call center solutions allow for call center agents to work from home while still being able to maintain and provide valuable customer service. This survey shows that 42% of respondents allow this behavior to take place, and that the number of agents working from home is dramatically increasing year after year. This luxury is only offered to a call center by incorporating cloud based call center solutions.

Creating a virtual call center environment in your company allows for a more powerful and flexible environment, granting agents flexibility yet providing structure. And to mention again, the costs one can save by switching to a cloud based call center are significant. Overall, the Enghouse Interactive study supports that a call center using “cloud” enabled software is well-substantiated, thus many companies, of all sizes, are turning to cloud based call center solutions.

David Wise

David Wise

Chief Executive Officer, Founder at AVOXI
David has more than 18 years of management experience in the telecommunications industry. A graduate of the Citadel, David worked as a Senior Account Executive with Intermedia Communications and later co-founded Rapid Link, a leading provider of International callback and VoIP. David then founded AVOXI in 2001with a focus on providing niche international call center markets with customized voice and data services. read more
David Wise
David Wise

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