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Virtual Call Center Software Drives Your Inbound Campaigns

Virtual call center software drives your call center with the features and automation needed to lift your marketing campaigns from grim to spectacular.

Experience shows that no matter how good your landing page optimization has been performed, and no matter how much your calls to action emphasize form fills, about a third to a half of all customers will prefer just to call a toll free number rather than fill out a form or send an email inquiry. This is a characteristic of your market, and of course your campaign demographics. But in any case, a lot of personality types would just rather get a human on the phone to get the details and work out all the “what-ifs” and “how-tos” right away.

Virtual Call Center Agent

Virtual Call Center Software Boosts Marketing Campaigns

This is important because studies have shown that the average half-life of a motivated customer with intention to buy is about 15 minutes. The chance of making a sale, measure from time a customer self-identifies with a call or form fill, declines about 50% for every 15 minutes elapsed after the call or form fill. The best sales results are obtained by answering immediately.

The quality and features of the virtual call center software that drives your contact center makes handling inbound calls from prospective customers a profitable experience instead of drudge work.

The sections following outline the particular benefits you can get from a hosted virtual call center specific to your inbound campaigns, and the general business benefits that are specific to you the marketer.

Marketers always have too many campaigns, too few quality leads, and too little time. So we’ll focus on those issues and show how virtual call center software helps marketing campaigns.

Virtual Call Center Software – Features to Drive Your Campaign

1. ACD – Automatic call distribution is the engine that drives your call center. It uses four different details to choose where to send each inbound call in your call center, including Caller ID, Dialed Number (which toll free number was called), time of day, and customer choice on an interactive voice response menu. With ACD, you can devise a call handling plan that favors sales calls, that optimizes use of your sales team’s time, and that lets you get the right campaign to the right extension.

From a marketing perspective, this means that the right callers are going to hear the right marketing message and positioning for your product or service. It also means that when you huddle with one group of staff members to share the message, the benefits, and pricing with a group of folks who will handle the calls, you will know that those agents actually will be handling the call.

2. Skills Based Call Routing – SBR is a natural benefit of having ACD. With SBR you can ensure that support and service calls end up with your support staff, leaving your sales team available to pick up sales calls immediately. By getting the right person on the call first time, the customer experience is improved, and the first-call resolution rates climb. For you the marketer, you will find that this helps with customer retention and referral rates.

3. Call Recording and Extended Call Recording Storage (Voice Logging) – Call recording is not only beneficial for training and quality assurance, but it’s great for non-repudiation. Customer’s can’t dispute the order quantity or other details of the sale when a call recording is available, and call recordings can be used in arbitration. For you the marketer, you’ll have the opportunity to audit the calls over the weekend to see if your marketing messages are getting out in a positive way, and you can also learn which parts of your message may need a tune up to be more compelling.

4. Inbound Call Queues – For marketing, you can rely on inbound call queues to hold onto your motivated customers longer than ordinary hold with music. Inbound call queues offer a custom greeting that can match the details of your PPC or landing page offer. This by itself tells the caller “I’m in the right place – these people know what I want and they’re connecting me to the right person”. Inbound call queues also provide a wait notification, further helping give your customer to be that something good is going to happen. People will wait if there’s hope and progress. Remote agent support, included in inbound call queues software, enables your call center manager to wake up three agents in a remote location to take calls when all your other agents are swamped. Again, this helps prevent loss of motivated customers who have the intention to buy.

5. IVR / Auto Attendant – The IVR lets customers self identify and get into the right inbound call queue right away. This can help you keep support or billing calls out of the queues for your skilled sales agents. This can also be configured to provide routine information such as hours of operation or billing address so that no agents need respond.

6. Quality Assurance Input and Tracking – QA tracking gets you the information you need to help figure out why your campaign isn’t hitting the ROI target. Are we taking 7 minutes to pickup? Is there something in our messaging that’s causing too many customers to leave early in the call? Are some calls to action on our landing pages bringing in lots of unqualified leads? QA input and tracking gives you some clues that you can assemble with recorded calls and your campaign analytics. With all the information together, you can refine your targeting and messaging to improve campaign ROI.

7. Real Time Monitoring – Your call center manager can use real-time monitoring data to help you get the most out of a two-week campaign. Instead of waiting for the end of the first week to find out your campaign is a disaster, why not find out right away so you can fix it same day? Real time monitoring saves you from having to report bad results – you get a fighting chance to fix problems right away.

8. Time of Day Call Routing – What an essential marketing feature! You sell services in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and India. You have a few agents Mumbai, Atlanta, and South Africa. Time of Day Call Routing let’s you switch your calls by time of day, so that you have worldwide coverage around the clock. No motivated buyer has to go to voice mail.

Virtual Call Center Software – Benefits That Will Help Marketers

Virtual call center software from VoIP solution providers like AVOXI is provided in a way that makes it possible for marketers to start small and grow rapidly.

1. Minimal capital investment – You don’t have to buy equipment with a loan or lease – there’s not purchase required. All the gear for you hosted virtual call center is located in a hosted data center

2. Predictable monthly operating expenses – You pay a monthly fee that is affordable and predictable. You don’t have to pay for a year’s worth of service in advance. Instead, you pay as you go. You can re-size as needed.

3. Rapid deployment – Your new virtual call center can be up and running in just a few days.

4. Cost-effective scalability – Scaling up, as your campaigns succeed and grow, is fast and easy.

5. Your virtual call center data is backed up frequently and your entire hosted virtual call center software is secured behind a firewall in a modern data center.

6. 24 x 7 support – Your campaigns never sleep, so you’ll have round the clock support available for your virtual call center.

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