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Virtual Call Center Trends and Customer Service

There is a continued upward trend of hosted services for the contact center. The virtual call center is becoming increasingly prevalent as companies look for ways to cut cost.

The cost model of cloud-based call center services might seem ideal for smaller businesses. However, one of the greatest strengths of a virtual call center is the ability to scale up and down quickly making it perfect for larger businesses as well. In fact, a recent industry report from Frost & Sullivan showed contact centers with more than 500 seats were the fastest growing segment for hosted services. Thirty percent of respondents planned on using hosted services in 2010 up from only 6% in 2009.

Virtual Call Center Solutions Frees Agents to Work From Anywhere

Another similar cost-cutting trend is the increase in home-based agents. A virtual call center enables agents to work from home. Home-based agents are ideal for companies of all sizes and the virtual call center because they are typically stable, consistent and self-motivated. The number of home-based agents was expected to double from 150,000 in 2010 to nearly 300,000 by year’s end.

Working from home offers a great deal of benefits to an employee. As a result, home-based agents are happier and more content with their work. Content employees remain in their jobs longer and perform better with time. Therefore, companies can provide higher-quality customer service and retain more of their customer base.

Improve Customer Service and Save Money

Customer service is almost always the top priority for all contact centers regardless of size. One of the hottest trends in recent years is the increase in the number of businesses utilizing social networks and social media to provide better customer service. Businesses have begun to realize the importance of these emerging social media communication channels and have begun to implement them in their call centers to better connect with their customers and improve customer service. In the Frost & Sullivan report, 30% of respondents indicated they support social media customer activity and interactions on social media sites.

The increase in virtual call centers, home-based agents and social media interactions demonstrate that the contact center market is constantly evolving and adapting as the market changes from the outside as well as within.

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David Wise

David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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