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Virtual Call Centers and the Economic Climate

Virtual call centers might be a panacea for some of the financial woes still lingering from the recent (and current) economic downturn. The flexibility a virtual call center offers businesses could significantly cut costs.

How does a virtual call center save your business money? For starters, since the technology is cloud-based, there are no (or very minimal) equipment cost. The hardware and software reside ‘in the cloud’ saving you thousands on infrastructure expenses. The virtual provider is also responsible for IT support enabling you to cut back on or eliminate in-house IT staff. Another benefit of using hosted providers is that they can help you scale your call center operations up and down quickly and efficiently to meet your service demands.

Depending on your specific requirements, a big advantage of a virtual solution for your call center may be the ability to utilize virtual or home-based agents, thus eliminating the need for maintaining an office-based agent force. This flexibility offers a great budgetary advantage by removing the need to rent and maintain office space and the multitude of expenses that come with running a physical call center.  Home-based agents tend to stay in their positions longer and help to save your business on recruiting, retraining and hiring expenses.

Whether your call center operations are more suited for office-based agent force or home-based agents, virtual call centers are a reliable and a cost-effective option.

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