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Virtual PBX – Exciting Tool for Building Your Business

Your virtual PBX is the most powerful and exciting tool you’ll have to help grow your business. Perfect for virtual staff, low-cost, no-fuss service.

According to Virtual PBX VoIP on the Rise, recent reports indicated that VoIP-based virtual PBX service is gaining ground quickly, reaching $65 billion in annual sales during 2012. That’s all well-documented, but how you can us a virtual PBX to grow your business is more important.

Hosted Virtual PBX - An Exciting Tool for Growing Companies.

Hosted Virtual PBX – An Exciting Tool for Growing Companies


Why You Want Virtual PBX Service

In plain language, there are a few killer features that make a virtual PBX a winner for growing companies.

By “growing” we mean startup companies with 1 to 50 team members, with a goal of growing big enough to survive. This means growing the customer base, sales, profits, and the staff needed for delivery and service.

We’re also talking about larger companies of unlimited size whose leadership are keen on growing the bottom line, exponentially if possible, to meet shareholder expectations or to position the company for acquisition.

Virtual PBX Service Has No Muss – No Fuss

Unless you’re a telephone company, you don’t want to hire staff to install and manage on site PBX hardware, interfaces, bridges, and analog and VoIP connections. It may sound like an adventure, but snap out of it.

Realize that installing and maintaining your own equipment and service is a distraction. Outsource this whole mess and let specialists provide this to you as a service as reliable as electric power. Flip a switch and your phones ring with customers ready to buy.

Instead of hiring staff to manage your phone system, let your VoIP service provider setup and maintain a virtual PBX in their data center for you, and you can put the savings into one of your marketing campaigns or into new software tools for your developers, for example.

A skilled and experienced VoIP service provider can set up your new virtual PBX service in just a day or two, depending on the features you want. You don’t have to wait 30 days for the phone company to show up and, after several missed appointments, finally get yesterday’s technology installed in the rented facility you are using. You don’t have to pay a big phone installation charge either.

And when you move to a new, larger, office space, or bring your virtual staff into an office, you don’t have to move any phone equipment. Your virtual PBX is still in the cloud.

Quick Setup and Instant Scalability

Your new virtual PBX can be set up in a day or two, depending on the features you want enabled.

There are no “missed appointments”, you don’t have to download lots of server software and patches, and you don’t have to go to a long training class somewhere miles away.

Once you get your VoIP connection (good Internet hookup) and VoIP phones on your desk (or softphones on your computer) for you and your staff, you are ready to go.

And speaking of scalability, adding more staff members is totally easy and fast. Your VoIP service provider can generally add 20 seats (extensions) in as little as an hour. It’s that simple.

The IVR / Auto Attendant Organizes Your Team

Here’s the feature that gives your startup company some organization and a professional interface to customers and vendors.

The IVR / Auto Attendant can be quickly configured to provide a voice mailbox and phone extension number for each of your staff members, wherever they sit.

So if your startup has team members in Chantilly VA, Bayfield CO, Encinitas CA, and Acworth GA, and perhaps a group of other staff members work in an office in Atlanta, each of these team members are accessible through one phone directory. Each can reach the other through simple 4 digit extension numbers.

Customers calling in can be greeted by a friendly company greeting, and callers can reach any team member right from the directory. You can also set up “departments” and have your virtual PBX send calls to those departments, or search for team members within the departments.

Time of Day Routing Delivers Your Calls Your Way

Time of day routing is one of the friendliest features you get with your virtual PBX service.

What this means is that you can control how, when, and where customers and staff reach you. For example:

  • Calls during your morning commute can be saved as voicemail and forwarded to your email. You can see the message in your email, and decide if it’s worth pulling over to call back right away.
  • If you are a talker with a killer bluetooth headset, calls during your morning commute can go right to your smart phone.
  • Saturday calls can be routed to your home office, or go to voicemail, as your prefer.
  • If you work nights from your home office, weeknight calls can go to your home office phone.

Virtual PBX Integrations

Hosted virtual PBX services are now being integrated with other cloud services that are essential for startups. Upcoming integration with will enable new and exciting business processes in your company. See Best Cloud Services for Startups for examples of top cloud services for growing companies.

But more importantly, learn more about Virtual PBX services from the recommended resources listed below.

Virtual PBX – Resources

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Bruce Brownlee

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Bruce Brownlee
Bruce Brownlee

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