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Virtual PBX VoIP on the Rise

Recent reports found that Virtual PBX VoIP is climbing in popularity, reaching its peak by becoming a nearly $65 billion industry in 2012. Virtual PBX VoIP  is especially gaining its mark with call centers as being the preferred communication connection channel. Although it is not the only contributing factor, the main reason for the increased implementation of virtual PBX VoIP software is due to the cost savings a VoIP solution enforces. Aside from its cost efficiency, other benefits  provided by virtual PBX VoIP software include:

  • Simple, more manageable infrastructure.
  • Flexibility in integrating phone with fax, email, and web.
  • Improved productivity among call center agents as technology is advanced and updated instantaneously without down time.
  • Abundant amount of features that are easy to learn and convenient for call center agents and managers. The often include:

Because virtual PBX VoIP software offers telephone service over Internet connection and bypasses telephone companies altogether, call centers are able to save on both service and hardware costs. The ease of technical implementation make virtual PBX VoIP software even more popular. In order to install it in your call center, all you need is a computer and Internet access. Many call centers, big and small in size, are taking advantage of virtual PBX VoIP benefits such as the ability to hire remote agents and to build disaster recovery into their contact center. This increases their productivity and increases customer satisfaction as they are able to minimize the amount of down time. With customer expectations rising, call centers have been able to keep up by using virtual PBX VoIP technology to build multichannel call center support operations. Doing this allows call center managers to track and integrate all the channels through which their company engages with customers.

Additionally, with unified communications, virtual PBX VoIP enables businesses with multiple locations to connect easily, linking your headquarters in New York to another office location in Berlin. This feature helps create for a more productive call center environment. Easier methods of communication and higher levels of collaboration are possible with virtual PBX VoIP.

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David Wise

David Wise

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David Wise
David Wise

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