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Voice VoIP – Seven Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About VoIP

Voice over IP (VoIP) refers to telephony solutions that transfer voice packets over Internet protocol networks.

Voice VoIP is full of valuable features and benefits for any size company

Voice VoIP

Here are some fun facts you probably never knew about VoIP:

1. Make VoIP Calls From Your Laptop
If you can connect to the internet, you can easily access your VoIP account from any computer or smart phone. Once you login to your account, you will see the soft phone application pop-up on your screen, allowing you to make VoIP calls from your laptop.

2. Make VoIP Calls from Your Mobile Phone
You can now make VoIP calls from your smart phone. Simply find your companies VoIP app or search the app stores for VoIP apps and download it. VoIP applications are becoming more and more abundant with the progressive evolution of mobile applications and the Internet.

3. Voicemail to Email
With voicemail to email, all voice mails are accessible at any time.  You can also easily save voicemail audio files to a folder on your computer. There is also now voicemail transcription, which sends a text version of the voicemail message to your email address.

4. Sound Quality Depends on Broadband Connection 
Without a doubt the crystal clear sound quality of Voice VoIP technology is well-known in the industry, but it does have it’s shortcomings. VoIP is heavily dependent on broadband quality, hardware, and VoIP provider that the system is not always perfect. Some people have mentioned hearing weird background sounds or it sometimes takes time to hear an answer back. A big part of the problem is the slow evolution of WiFi technology.

5. Did You Know You Could Start Your Own Voice VoIP services with Asterisk?
Asterisk is open source VoIP software  created by Mark Spencer in 1999. Since Asterisk is open source it means anyone with programming knowledge can begin building their own VoIP services.

6. The First VoIP Call was made in 1974 
The very first type of VoIP call, or known back in the 70’s as Network Voice Protocol (NVP), was made in August of 1974 over ARPANET.

7. Voice SPAM = SPIT (spam over Internet telephony). 
As you already know the vast majority of our email inbox issues and frustration is simply dealing with email spam on a daily basis. Now we have SPIT. SPIT is an acronym for Spam Over Internet Telephony. The main difference between Email SPAM and SPIT, Email Spam is text and images, and SPIT is strictly voice spam sent over telephone networks.

Do you know any fun facts about VoIP? Please share!

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