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VoIP Call Center Improves Marketing Campaign ROI

VoIP call center capabilities directly improve your marketing campaign ROI. Telephony and training costs are lower, and campaign targeting can be tighter.

VoIP Call Center Benefits

There are broad business benefits from using VoIP technology as your call center foundation. These apply whether your call center handles customer service or handles inbound leads from your marketing campaigns.

A cloud-hosted VoIP call center immediately offers

  • cost-effective scalability
  • minimal capital investment
  • higher reliability and stability
  • 24×7 technical support
  • mobility
VoIP Call Center Features Improve Campaign ROI.

VoIP Call Center Features Aid Campaign ROI

You don’t have to buy PBX equipment or hire an IT staff just to handle your PBX maintenance. Your cloud-hosted VoIP call center can be expanded in just a few minutes to add new seats, and, as a cloud-based service, it supports both local and remote agents equally well.

Call forwarding features support mobility, so that a tech support rep can answer a call in his cube, the break room, or on outside an offsite meeting.

Smart call queue features like time of day routing make it possible to swing an entire call queue from one time zone to another to provide 24×7 service.

A recent discussion, 3 Benefits of VoIP Call Center Solutions , points out that virtual call centers reduce employee stress, supports teleworking, and reduce business overhead cost including expenses for power, A/C, and floorspace for telephone equipment. The teleworking feature also means that it’s possible for agents to spend more time on calls and reporting, and less time on commuting.

How VoIP Call Center Features Improve ROI

VoIP call center features improve ROI by reducing operating costs while improving targeting and the user experience.

VoIP call center features make it possible to handle campaigns with tremendous response. At the same time, these features offer the flexibility to let you run many more highly targeted “long-tail campaigns” that are each profitable, but that will attract fewer callers. For each campaign, you’ll only have to brief a small number of agents, so your training cost will not eat up all your margin on the long-tail campaigns.

The tighter targeting made possible will also let you track returns on each of your mini long-tail campaigns just as closely as you do with your major campaigns.

Here are a few examples of VoIP call center features that lift your campaign ROI.

1. Inbound call queues improve targeting and reduce training costs. Inbound call queues let you focus inbound calls on the small groups of agents who can specialize on a particular selection from your portfolio of campaigns.

You save training costs because you won’t have to train your entire staff on each and every campaign. Instead, you can build an ad hoc team, brief them on the product offering, selling points, calls to action, upsells, and scripted answers to customer questions. This saves not only staff time, but your time and training cost.

Your cloud hosted PBX with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and skills based call routing feature works in a similar way for technical or billing support calls in support of your campaigns. Having the capability to split off customer queries for support obviously gives your sales agents more time to work and close more leads.

2. Geographic Routing allows you to route calls to groups of agents best able to handle them. It also enables you to block calls from states, counties, or regions where your business plan or franchise doesn’t permit you to sell, or where by law or business agreement a product or service you offer can’t be sold. Blocking the call prevents customer frustration and reduces agent time spent on useless calls.

3. Remote Agent Support is provided as a native feature of cloud hosted VoIP call center software. This capability helps your campaign ROI in several ways, most notably these:

  • Campaigns that achieve a higher response rate than expected can be handled quickly by adding remote agents. Remote agents can be briefed and added to the campaign in minutes.
  • Remote agents can fill in for others who are out on sick-call, jury duty, or snow emergency days.
  • Conference calling features make it possible to do a 15 minute agent training session or campaign briefing on the fly.
  • Remote agents who are not needed can stand down or swing to other campaigns when calls slow down. You only pay for just what you need.

VoIP Call Center – Natural Choice for Your Marketing Campaigns

There’s no question, the VoIP call center is the natural choice for your marketing campaigns. Features that support ROI improvement ensure you get the best possible yield on your campaigns. The flexible and powerful features built into the VoIP call center also ensure a good experience for your customers, helping with customer acquisition, referrals, and customer retention.

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Bruce Brownlee

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Bruce Brownlee
Bruce Brownlee

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