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VoIP Providers Drive New Growth Industries

VoIP providers didn’t exist 30 years ago, but today the most competitive industries use VoIP to drive new business growth.

VoIP providers have created “Internet 2.0” as a nimble communications layer on top of the physical Internet 1.0. The VoIP providers have handed a competitive advantage to businesses that fight for customers in the most competitive markets. In many cases, the markets served didn’t exist in their current form before 1990.

The businesses that depend on “Internet 2.0” rely on the flexibility, reliability, and low-cost of voice over IP (VoIP) communications and depend on broadband internet connections that make “being together” online a practical and affordable reality. The results achieved are far beyond the “trunk call” long distance telephone service available in 1980.

VoIP providers drive business growth in the highly competitive travel and hospitality industry

VoIP providers drive business growth in the highly competitive travel and hospitality industry.

Type of VoIP Providers

An internet search for VoIP providers brings up thousands of results. Perhaps most are involved in the VoIP revolution, but only one group of VoIP providers offer services that the most competitive industries use.

1 – Local office communications shops can roll a van to your office and drop off VoIP telephones and cables.

2 – Free and low-cost personal communications services offer person-to-person calling and limited call forwarding, but lack business features used by workgroups, call centers, and marketing companies.

3 – Many toll free number providers can reserve and provide one or more toll free numbers, but lack the capabilities to interconnect remote offices, integrate with existing PBX equipment, or to provide important features such as hunt groups or geo call blocking and routing.

4 – Full-service international VoIP service providers offer powerful full-features VoIP solutions that include cloud hosted PBX services, gateways to integrate existing legacy PBX equipment, international toll free numbers, managed call center queues, and literally dozens of professional features ranging from time of day routing to call recording. In addition, full service international VoIP service providers, like AVOXI, offer round-the-clock monitoring and business hours service for all customers. Full-service international VoIP providers offer services that make it easy to add remote agents instantly.

The VoIP adopters in competitive industries rely on the full service international VoIP service providers and the features they provide.

Competitive Industries That Rely on Full-Service VoIP Providers

Here’s a short sampler of industries that rely on full-service international VoIP service providers for a competitive edge in growing markets. For each industry, there’s a “why used” note to point out the VoIP advantage that is important for the market.

Travel and HospitalityAbility to scale up with remote agents for call volume peaks, reliable international service, international toll free numbers for inbound customer calls, low-cost for calls between distant properties, reliability
Online GamingPerformance and reliability, low-cost for calls
Multinational BusinessesLow cost for calls between office locations, 4 and 5 digit office dialing between offices, high sound quality, call forwarding, auto attendant, conference calling
Offshore Information Technology ServicesReliable low-cost international toll free numbers that enable a company in Mexico or India to have services like local numbers in the US or Panama, or to have US toll free number in the United States.  High call quality, call forwarding for after hours messaging, FAX to email.
Online Technical SupportAbility to scale up by adding remote agents for call volume peaks, high call quality for clear communications, low international call costs, and international toll free numbers including local and toll free numbers worldwide.
Software PublishersSoftware publishers use toll free numbers to receive sales calls, and also operate support call centers that have nearly all switched over to VoIP in the last five years.  High call quality and the ability to support remote agents are huge advantages for software publishers.
Financial CompaniesMarketing call centers rely on toll free international telephone numbers and local numbers in cities around the world.  These enable customers to call a local number or toll free number to reach an agent in the financial services company.  High VoIP call quality ensures that the communications are clear and understandable.  Call recording can be used to protect against repudiation and to resolve any misunderstandings, a valuable protection for all parties on the call.
Immigration LawyersImmigration attorneys on both sides of any border need a low-cost means to let clients find them, so local numbers and toll free numbers are a tremendous benefit in building business.  In addition, geo routing and blocking enable lawyer groups to share vanity numbers like 1-800-Lawyers by region.

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Bruce Brownlee

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Bruce Brownlee
Bruce Brownlee

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