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How VoIP Telephone Systems Can Help Reduce Costs

VoIP Telephone Systems. As the call center decision maker for your business, it is important to continually find ways to cut costs.

You need to cut costs while maintaining or increasing functionality and efficiency. Using VoIP telephone systems to forward your calls through VoIP (voice over IP) not only reduces costs but also enhances your all center capabilities. Just as a toll free number is forwarded to a land line or mobile telephone, a toll free number can also be forwarded to a “softphone,” which is simply downloaded to your computer, via the VoIP forwarding feature. To implement a VoIP telephone system for your business and start reducing your monthly rates today, follow three easy steps.

Three steps to installing VoIP telephone systems for your business:

  1. Download softphone software
    • Many softphone software providers exist and offer a variety of solutions. The more basic (and sometimes even free) softphones enable inbound and outbound calling within your hosted environment. The more advanced (and sometimes more costly) softphone solutions provide features such as video conferencing, add-in availability, instant messaging, and other management tools
    • Providers like Counter Path, for example, offer softphones that range in price and functionality, offering a solution most appropriate for your business.
  2. Be mindful of what your business requires, however. Do not pay more just because you think you are getting a better product. In fact, your VoIP service provider may already be offering comparable features.
  3. Connect to a trustworthy and speedy Internet connection.
    • As all your operations will be running through your IP address (and thus the Internet) it is essential to have a dependable connection to avoid dropped or poor quality calls.
    • Enroll with a trustworthy VoIP service provider
      • Stable and consistent VoIP service will be the final yet most critical step in this process. Research VoIP telephone systems providers and register your VoIP service with a provider that is capable of supporting a business like yours; determine this by asking if businesses comparable in size and call center needs have been serviced before.


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David Wise

David Wise

Chief Executive Officer, Founder at AVOXI
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David Wise
David Wise

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