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VoIP Telephony – Revolutionizing the Workplace

VoIP telephony is revolutionizing the workplace by making powerful features and low-cost international calling available to all office workers.

The Desktop Revolution

VoIP telephony is enjoying increasing adoption within many businesses and call centers, so that the idea of the traditional “office” is changing.  With VoIP telephony, it is no longer necessary for a brick and mortar location that agents need to commute to everyday.  Instead, agents are able to work remotely, in the comfort of their own home, and still be just as productive (if not more so) than they would be in an office setting.

VoIP Telephony Revolutionizing the WorkPlace.

VoIP Telephony Revolutionizing the WorkPlace

Not only does Cloud VoIP telephony make it possible for agents to work remotely, it also arms businesses with the tools necessary to ensure that work-at-home agents are being as productive as possible.  With the use of conference calling, automatic call distribution, and call recording, call centers can feel confident that remote workers will be just as effective (and less costly) as in-office agents.

For the average office worker, the VoIP telephony desktop revolution is really three key benefits including

  • ability to work remotely,
  • powerful features formerly only available on manager or receptionist phones, and
  • low-cost international calling.

Call Center Managers Convinced

Conference calling allows call center managers to still host meetings, and make remote workers feel as if they are part of a team.  One of the biggest issues many have with working remotely is the lack of interaction with their coworkers.  By providing a way for agents to interact with one another, and feel like they are a part of something bigger, call center managers will notice a lower turnover rate and higher productivity.

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is a VoIP telephony feature that can greatly increase the productivity of remote workers.  ACD can tell when agents are experiencing down time and route the next incoming call to that agent.  Because remote workers are not in an office setting with a manager breathing down their neck to ensure they are pulling their weight, ACD can ensure that all agents are doing their fair share.

Call recording allows remote agents to be trained properly.  Call center managers can listen to previous call recordings and determine what works, and then share those recordings with other agents.  By establishing best practices with call recordings, agents will be able to determine how to handle sticky calls without escalation.

VoIP telephony is constantly revolutionizing call centers, and will continue to do so.

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