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VoIP vs. Traditional Phone Service

Side by Side Comparison: 
VoIP is rapidly gaining in popularity. Why would it be a good choice over a traditional phone system? Besides the clear-cut and well-document cost benefits, VoIP is steadily making up for any deficiencies in quality of service (QOS) between VoIP and traditional telephony.

Improved Voice Quality

Voice quality was one of the biggest issues for VoIP. Traditional phone lines typically offer excellent sound quality and do not suffer from some of the variety of issues that can come up for VoIP. However, while not always as consistent as traditional, VoIP offers good to excellent voice quality and many providers will guarantee excellent QOS.

VoIP vs. Traditional Phone Service

Fewer Dropped Calls

Again, with traditional service dropped calls are extremely rare. While rare for VoIP as well, dropped call issues might be experienced during high volume times. As with voice quality, some VoIP providers will guarantee service.

Bandwidth Usage

Here VoIP comes out on top. IP telephony is very efficient in its use of bandwidth, while traditional services are inefficient.

As VoIP is steadily improving QOS and is continuing to maintain a much more appealing cost model (little to no maintenance costs/ much lower long distance rates/ other cost benefits) than traditional telephony solution, there are fewer reasons to stick with a traditional landline system.

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