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Why Smart Companies are Choosing Cloud Call Center Solutions

Why Smart Companies are Choosing a Cloud Call Center Solution. In today’s modern economy, every business knows that it needs two fundamental components in order to grow.

This includes an online presence and a phone number. Once these two powerful channels are in place, the next level of service is to provide an unforgettable buying experience and your companies unique personalized touch to each customer. If your phone solution does not put the customer experience first, your risk losing 86% of your business, according to Harris Interactive research, Customer Experience Impact Report.

In the past, call centers were built on PBX equipment that was owned and hosted by the call center operator. With the advent of Software as a Service technology delivery model, the cloud call center emerged, and cloud call center solutions started being hosted by VoIP providers, revolutionizing the call center.

There are several reasons why smart companies are choosing cloud call center solutions over a more traditional premise-based call center.  Here are the top 10 reasons why they are choosing a cloud communication solution for their business:

  1. Boost overall service quality 
  2. Drive new sales and increase revenue 
  3. Cut cost per call 
  4. Increase  agent productivity 
  5. Security strength 
  6. Pay as you go model pricing 
  7. Always up-to-date software 
  8. No maintenance cost 
  9. Improved customer satisfaction 
  10. Agile growth flexibility 

With a cutting edge cloud call center solution, you can see a dramatic improvement in all areas of your business.  From a boost in productivity, customer service, customer satisfaction, ease of agent management, smart  call tracking, flexibility for building innovative custom solutions, increased security and so much more.  The cloud-based infrastructure allows for many platforms and applications to work in concert to deliver faster, better, and cost-effective services then ever before.

According to Tracey from TMCnet,  the two most compelling reasons for companies choosing a cloud call center solution are:

1. To allow agents to easily work from home. In the case of a disaster caused by the weather.

2. Cloud-based solutions provides a web-based application access through a web browser. Allowing agents to have access to the system from anywhere they can get an internet access.

Another advantage of choosing a cloud call center solution, over  a traditional contact center, is the ability to scale up or downsize services in order to match the fluctuating demands of the market. This is the true power and flexibility of the cloud. Providing businesses with the ability to quickly deploy to the cloud and start servicing customers immediately. Allowing business owners to focus on growing their businesses and less time worrying about maintenance and other technological implications they might face.

The benefits of the cloud call center solutions go on and on as you can see, which is why smart companies around the world are all migrating over to the cloud.  Regardless of all the benefits mentioned above, your business has to recognize how much improvement the cloud can have on your business.

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Salvador Stabler

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