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Why You Should Move Your PBX into the Cloud

Hosted PBX Services and cloud technology is more and more prevalent today. As companies look for more ways to stretch their corporate budgets the cloud becomes an increasingly attractive alternative.

The popularity of clouds is found in the savings, efficiency, flexibility and optimization they provide. Therefore, companies are finding the benefits of the cloud hard to resist. Cloud computing helps save capital resources, real estate, and human resources. It also enables remote users an easy way to stay connected.

Hosted PBX Services

What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing is computation, software, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge of the physical location and configuration of the system that delivers these services. More simply put, the cloud allows a user to access software applications online and share and access information through the use of remote server networks, rather than depending solely on their own personal computer or local servers.

There are two forms of clouds – privately owned, known as private clouds, or third-party owned, public clouds.

AVOXI Hosted PBX – Reliability & Security

The virtual component of the cloud can create some challenges. For instance, how do you maintain speed and efficiency while not sacrificing security oversight and control?

To help keep the cloud safe and secure, AVOXI houses its cloud equipment in a hosting center where physical access is only allowed to registered AVOXI employees who must present a unique “security identifier” in order to gain access. AVOXI equipment is segmented from all other hosted equipment by way of locked cabinets.

Data security and integrity occurs by employing “multi-layer” intrusion protection and detection technologies as well as numerous security “best-practices.”

At AVOXI, we offer a range of hosted solution offerings many of which utilize cloud technology while also offering the advantages of a complete IP telephony system.

With HOSTED PBX SERVICES from AVOXI, your company can stay secure, stay well connected, and, best of all, stay efficient and productive.


Kevin Robinson
VP – Network Operations

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