Call Forwarding

Call forwarding enables  callers to dial one number, and reach the called party on another device.

Call forwarding is a feature that lets an incoming call to a called party be redirected to a third party.

Call Forwarding Overview

Call forwarding or call divert allows the called party to direct calls from one number to forward to another device where the desired called party is situated.

Call Forwarding – A Closer Look

Call forwarding is used frequently to increase one’s availability to a caller. Often, employees set up call forwarding to receive work phone calls that are directed to their desk on their cell phone after hours. A business that wants to be accessible around the clock can also set up time of day routing when forwarding its calls. This means that calls will be forwarded to different locations and/or devices based on the time of day criteria. This is especially helpful to international businesses that want to utilize their workforce availability at all times.

Call Forwarding from AVOXI

Call forwarding can be utilized with any ITFS, UIFN, or DID from AVOXI. A business may choose to forward their toll free number or their local DID number to a landline, a mobile phone or a PBX. AVOXI also enables its customers to point their incoming calls to a SIP address and passes the Caller ID to the receiving device. Call forwarding from AVOXI comes with enhanced features at no additional charge:

  • Call recording
  • IVR/auto attendant
  • Time of day routing
  • Voicemail
  • Ability to upload professional greetings
  • Up to 10 extensions

Call forwarding can be used with both geographic routing and time of day routing, forwarding calls based on set requirements.

Call forwarding was invented by Ernest J. Bonnano in the early 1960s. Early examples of call forwarding were in the form of an internal function used by business telephone systems, which allowed users to redirect phone calls from one extension to another. Over time, enhancements were made and call forwarding services became a popular option for people who traveled a great deal.

Some of the benefits of call fowarding include:

  • Fewer missed calls
  • Higher mobility
  • Larger geographic presence
  • Enhanced company image
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