Call Queuing

Call queuing allows callers to wait in a queue for available agents, rather than hearing a busy signal.

Call queuing is a system that allows you to accept more calls into your telephone system than you have extensions.

Call Queuing Overview

Call queuing allows your telephony system to answer more calls than you have agents available, and holds them in a queue until an agent is available to take their call.

Call Queuing – A Closer Look

Call queuing is commonly used in call centers, and ensures that you don’t lose customers due to busy signals. Instead, call queuing takes calls as they come in, and directs the caller to an agent as soon as one comes available. Call queuing is most commonly set up to transfer callers to agents in the order that they came into the queue.

Call Queuing from AVOXI

AVOXI offers call queuing as part of the call center solution Smart Queue

Some of the features that come with call queuing include:

  • Wait Notification – Callers in queue will hear on-hold music or programmable messages that can tell callers where they are in line, approximate wait times, and how to proceed to other options such as voice mail.
  • First in – first out notification: Callers waiting in the queue can be told that their calls will be answered in the order it was received.
  • Custom greetings – These can be configured separately for each queue.
  • Presence routing – Agents and other employees have the ability to direct incoming calls to voicemail, auto attendants, other extensions, or even outside lines such as cell phones.
  • Remote user support – Users don’t have to be in the office to receive calls, and instead can work remotely.

In the mid-1960s, private branch exchange solutions began using automatic call distribution, as well as call queuing, to handle large numbers of calls. The invention of ACD technology made the concept of a call center possible.

Some of the benefits of call queuing include:

  • Callers don’t receive a busy signal
  • Callers can rest assured that their call will be received in the order that they called in
  • Agents can remain productive

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