Call Recording

Cloud Call Recording from AVOXI

Call recording helps managers maintain agent quality and productivity standards and quickly settle disputes from callers or credit card companies.

Both Smart Queue and AVOXI Core include the call recording feature, which allows businesses to record inbound and outbound calls between agents and callers. Listen to calls on demand, or download recordings and save for future reference with just a few clicks.

Because AVOXI’s web-based phone system software is hosted in the cloud, there is no expensive equipment to maintain, and no initial capital investment. All call recordings are easily accessible through both AVOXI Core and Smart Queue, so you can listen to recordings at any time.

Key Benefits

  • Easily access recorded calls through web-based user portal
  • Enhance training programs using real agents and caller interactions
  • Save costs on proprietary call recording & storage systems
  • Use recorded calls to prove compliance

On-Demand Call Recording

Both Smart Queue and AVOXI Core automatically record all inbound and outbound calls. Use *6 to pause the recording feature for inbound calls and *8 for outbound calls.

Extended Call Recording Storage Options

With Smart Queue, you can store up to 400,000 minutes of recorded conversations between agents and callers, all in the safety of the cloud. AVOXI engineers work with your business to provide the best call recording storage solution to meet your exact needs.

Ready to Learn More?

Contact an AVOXI specialist today to learn more about the call recording feature for AVOXI Core Cloud PBX and Smart Queue contact center software.

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