Call Transfer Feature

Call Transfer is a Must Have Feature for Any Modern Business

Call transfer feature on your phone system allows you to transfer calls to another local phone number or extension, no matter where you or your employees are located. You can put the caller on hold, then transfer them to the appropriate colleague or agent. Call transfer helps your business look professional. It also improves customers satisfaction as it gives you the ability to quickly get the caller to a person that can best help him. Asking a potential customer to call a different number can cause frustration and makes your company look unprofessional.

AVOXI’s call transfer is a free feature that comes as part of its hosted PBX system, AVOXI Core. It is also known as call redirect and it is activated using either hard or soft button on any phone. Call transfer process may vary slightly from on different phones. Usually, it is a variation of the following steps:

  1. After receiving the incoming call, press the transfer button.
  2. Dial the number or extension where you want to transfer the call.
  3. After the phone rings, press the transfer button again.

Some phones may use the flash key instead of the transfer button to complete the call transfer. You may also be able to announce the transfer to the receiving caller. In this case, you would put the caller on hold, speak to the person that you are transferring the call to, and then complete the call transfer. This is considered the most appropriate call transfer process. You want to explain the caller’s issue or inquiry to avoid the caller having to repeat herself. This help to increase customer satisfaction and shows the caller that you value their time and business.

For more tips on how to use the call transfer feature, read our blog post: Call transfer – How it can help you increase customer satisfaction.

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