Geographic Routing

Geographic Routing allows businesses with multiple locations to distribute their calls based on location.

Geographic routing is a routing principle that relies on geographic position information.

Geographic Routing Overview

Geographic routing allows call to be routed to the correct location based on the origin of the call.

Geographic Routing – A Closer Look

Geographic Routing is an enhanced service that allows companies with call centers or offices in different locations to route calls based on origin – city, state, or area code – to the appropriate call center or office. For example, one company can have a single 1-800 number and route toll-free calls from the Southeast to their Atlanta call center, from the Northeast to their New York call center, and calls from the Midwest to Chicago.

Geographic Routing from AVOXI

Geographic routing from AVOXI ensures that your callers will reach agents at the closest location.

Geographic routing not only ensures that callers reach the correct location, but also can be used to block calls from certain areas. For example, online gambling is legal on in a few states, so gaming companies would want to block calls from all other states to remain compliant.

In the mid-1960s, private branch exchange solutions began using automatic call distribution to handle large numbers of calls. The invention of ACD technology made the concept of a call center possible, as well as more advanced call distribution options, including geographic routing.

Some of the benefits of geographic routing include:

  • Callers reach the appropriate call center location
  • Calls from locations where services are not provided can be avoided
  • Fewer missed calls due to time zones

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