US 800 Geolocation Service

Geographic Call Blocking by State

Compliance can significantly impact the way a business is able to operate. It is up to vendors to come up with products that will help their customers be compliant yet efficient in their daily operations.

AVOXI has been providing international and US toll free numbers to customers around the world for over a decade. Recently, we have identified a need for US 800 geolocation service that is only available from desired states based on customer requirements. As an AVOXI customer, you can now get a US toll free number with geolocation. The toll free number will only work from states you require while all other states will be blocked from calling the toll free number.

Here is how geolocation service works. If you need a US toll free number that is only accessible from Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, you have come to the right place. AVOXI will provide you with a US toll free number that only works from those three states. The service is flexible. As your needs change, we can easily open your 800 toll free number to be accessible from additional states.

Whether for compliance reasons or simply to better target your consumers, AVOXI has you covered with US 800 geolocation service.

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