Hosted PBX Providers

Hosted PBX provider AVOXI offers solutions to businesses looking to enhance or revamp their telephony system.

Hosted PBX providers manage private branch exchange systems off-site, delivering calls and PBX features through the Internet.

Hosted PBX Providers Overview

Hosted PBX providers remove the burden and hassle of businesses having to buy and manage their own PBX in-house.

Hosted PBX Providers – A Closer Look

Hosted PBX providers enable businesses to have advanced telephony solutions without having to purchase and maintain the hardware it requires. Instead, hosted PBX providers have the system off-site, and perform the updates and maintenance required.

Hosted PBX Provider AVOXI

AVOXI offers reliable call center solutions, customized to meet the unique communications needs of customers around the globe. AVOXI provides telecommunications and enhanced VoIP solutions including toll free services, call recording, call termination, Cloud PBX, call center solutions, toll free numbers worldwide, local numbers worldwide, Sip trunks, DID/DDI numbers, VPN solutions, business telephone systems, VoIP phone systems, and conference calling.

While those are some of the basics, customers should also bear in mind that the solution they need and thus the pricing can also depend on these factors:

  • Concurrent (simultaneous) calls – current and expected volumes
  • Call recording and storage – factors to be considered include concurrent calls, whether inbound or outbound, how many call recordings to be stored and length of time the calls needs to be stored
  • Phone Hardware/software – softphone applications with headsets can be less pricey
  • Enhanced functionality – often associated with call center applications to include but not be limited to call, agent, and queue monitoring.

There is no size-fits-all Hosted IP PBX solution but there are flexible, feature rich and affordable Hosted IP PBX solutions on the market today that can be configured for your unique business.

There are a few key features that should be expected when searching and sifting through hosted PBX providers, including:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Free Features
  • Scalability
  • Redundancy and Failover

In the 1990s, Internet and packet switching made voice over IP possible. Organizations were then able to start outsourcing their phone operations to hosted PBX providers, and save money on IT personnel, storage space, and costly upgrades.

One of the biggest benefits that hosted PBX providers offer their customers is the cost reduction. Storage, IT employees, hardware, and upgrades add up to a pricey telephony solution. When businesses switch to a hosted PBX, all of those things are provided to them, and businesses need only pay for the minutes they use.

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