International Call Forwarding

Toll free numbers that utilize international call forwarding allow your international customers to contact you for free.

International call forwarding automatically sends a call from one country to another using forwarding rules.

International Call Forwarding Overview

Local numbers from anywhere in the world can be forwarded using international call forwarding to another part of the world, providing callers with a free way to contact international businesses.

International Call Forwarding – A Closer Look

International call forwarding doesn’t require any hardware or equipment, and can be set up by your VoIP provider. This allows your international customers to reach you without paying the long-distance fees that would usually be associated.

International Call Forwarding from AVOXI

AVOXI offers free international call forwarding with any toll free numbers, UIFN or local phone numbers.

International call forwarding is one of the many free features that are included with AVOXI products. Other features include Automatic Call Distributors, Interactive Voice Response, voicemail and unified messaging, call recording, and many more.

Call forwarding was invented by Ernest J. Bonnano in the early 1960s. Early examples of call forwarding were in the form of an internal function used by business telephone systems, which allowed users to redirect phone calls from one extension to another. Over time, enhancements were made and international call forwarding services became a popular option for people who traveled a great deal, as well as global businesses.

Some of the benefits of international call forwarding include:

  • establishing a local presence in other locations
  • providing a free way for your customers to contact you
  • increased potential customers
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