International Toll Free

International toll free numbers are proven to be a great way to enhance your business image.

International toll free service is utilized by businesses who wish to provide their international customers a free way to contact them.

International Toll Free Overview

International toll free service provides a free way for international customers to reach businesses.

International Toll Free – A Closer Look

International toll free service provides an opportunity for businesses to expand their customer base into previously unreachable territory, as customers are much more willing to call them if they know that no charges will be incurred for calling out of the country.

International Toll Free Provider: AVOXI

AVOXI offers reliable and redundant international toll free service that comes with 24/7 support.

Some of the features included with international toll free service are:

  • Call forwarding
  • Interactive voice response
  • 24/7 support
  • Call recording

Toll free numbers made their debut in the 1960s, and quickly became popular within the travel industry. They first came out because of the overwhelming amount of collect calls that were being made to businesses; toll free numbers gave the business the option of saying “yes” to all collect calls without an operator asking each time. As technology was enhanced, businesses gained the option of purchasing international toll free numbers, creating a global marketplace unlike ever before.

One of the biggest benefits of international toll free service is the response that businesses receive from them. Research has shown that advertisements that include international toll free numbers receive a response rate of 30% more than advertisements without the number.

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