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IVR System

AVOXI’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system allows businesses to create automated greetings and messages. When customers call your business, they immediately access critical information about your products or services before they ever speak to a representative. Basically, an the system directs callers to the correct department, service representative, or agent as quickly as possible. This is convenient for both customers and businesses, as it saves time.

Easy to set up, AVOXI’s IVR uses audio prompts to request information and store responses from the caller based on touch-tone or input. This allows caller identification and authentication information to populate the screen of the agent/department handling the call.

Key Benefits

  • Increased efficiency: calls route to appropriate person/department without holding on transferred calls
  • Better customer satisfaction: customer wait time decreases; immediate access to address issues or questions
  • Lower costs: streamlines inbound call routing and can provide self-service options
  • Adapts to new customer interactions to continue positive customer experience

AVOXI’s IVR Solution

As an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, IVR is included with AVOXI Core, our hosted PBX solution for business telephony, and Smart Queue, our virtual call center solution. It gathers information, looks up information, and routes calls to the right recipient. AVOXI’s automated telephony system feature lets your customers get information or assistance quickly using only their telephone keypad. This helps you minimize costs and respond to customer needs more effectively.

How AVOXI’s Interactive Voice Response Solution Works

AVOXI’s IVR feature allows you to provide clear, simple instructions at the beginning of the message, and then offer customers 4 – 5 options. (It’s also helpful if customers are able to select the option they want immediately, rather than waiting to hear a list of options that don’t apply to their situation.) More complex setups allow you to create layers of menus. For example, if a customer selects “check my order status,” the customer should then receive several more options or commands that helps them identify exactly what they want to know about the order.

AVOXI’s IVR system does much more than basic call routing, and you can use these additional features to your advantage. Rather than placing a customer on hold for 10 minutes for the department they need, you can program the IVR to help customers do more without the help of a service representative. The more that your customers can do through the IVR, the less time they are likely to spend on hold.

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