South Africa Telephone Numbers

AVOXI offers telephone numbers from more than 2,500 cities in 100+ countries

South Africa telephone numbers, also known as South Africa DDIs or South Africa virtual numbers, can give your company a virtual presence in South Africa. They help open the door to new markets and new opportunities by providing the appearance of a local South Africa office, but without the expense.

South Africa Telephone Numbers Project a Local Presence

Customers like doing business with companies in their own region and are seven times more likely to call a local number than an international one. Many customers prefer the personal nature of a local number rather than dial a toll free number which is commonly used by large enterprises and call centers. A South Africa local phone number from AVOXI helps you project the image of a company that is part of the local business community.

South Africa Telephone Numbers for Local and National Calling

As an independent, domestic telecoms operator in South Africa, AVOXI can complete local and national calls to VoIP devices, landlines and mobile phones throughout the country. We offer the following geographic and non-geographic phone numbers:

South Africa Telephone Numbers

  • 010, 011 – Johannesburg
  • 012 – Pretoria
  • 021 – Cape Town
  • 031 – Durban
  • 0861 – Non-geographic – National
  • 087 – Non-geographic – VoIP

Feature-rich South Africa Telephone Numbers

AVOXI can provision your South Africa local phone numbers using voice over IP (VoIP) or the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and configure them to ring to your PBX, landline phone or mobile phone - anywhere in the world.

AVOXI can also provide advanced calling features such as time of day routing, call redirect and failover routing.

Think Global with a Local Number in Cities All Over the World

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