AVOXI Launches AVOXI Go Live Professional Services

August 28, 2015

AVOXI, a leading cloud communications provider, is pleased to announce the official launch of AVOXI Go Live Professional Services.

The AVOXI Go Live Professional Services team is dedicated to creating, customizing, and deploying contact center solutions that meet a wide variety of unique customer needs, ranging from customized CRM integrations to the deployment of new call center locations.

“For years, our project management and engineering departments have worked together to help our customers make their call center software solutions uniquely theirs,” explained David Wise, CEO and Founder of AVOXI. “And one day we just stopped and asked ourselves, ‘Hey, why aren’t we telling people about what we can do?’ That’s when we started talking about how we could expand and grow a true Professional Services department.”

Today, AVOXI’s Go Live Professional Services team is comprised of project managers, development engineers, and account managers who are equipped to help each and every customer develop the perfect contact center solution.

In addition, the AVOXI Go Live Professional Services team is available to help call center customers optimize their existing solutions as their business needs grow and evolve. Some of the most frequent optimization requests include the development of business-specific dashboards and specialized contact center software features.

“Our team understands that there is life after implementation. What worked for your call center a year ago may be a stumbling block today,” said Leif Madsen, Director of Engineering and Product Development at AVOXI. “That’s why our Professional Services team is trained to help with big deployments and small optimizations alike.”

With hundreds of successful implementations under its belt, AVOXI has the experience and expertise required to help call centers worldwide Go Live with new or enhanced solutions.


AVOXI is a full-service telecommunications provider that offers customizable cloud communications solutions for a wide range of industries. Its extensive portfolio includes virtual call center solutions, cloud PBXs, SIP trunks, hosted IVR and other cloud telephony services.

Thanks to the strong relationships AVOXI has built with both commercial and in-country carriers, the company is also able to offer toll free numbers from more countries than any other telecommunications provider, as well as local numbers that provide businesses with a presence wherever their customers are.

AVOXI is proud to serve clients in numerous industries, with deep experience in travel and hospitality, gaming, tech support, insurance, finance, and business process outsourcing.

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