China 400 International Toll Free Numbers Now Available from DOW Networks

China Toll Free Numbers

There are two types of China Toll Free – numbers that start with 10 800 and are followed by seven digits. The formats are:

·         10 800 140  XXXX   (China – South)

·         10 800 714  XXXX   (China – North)

And China 400 numbers. These numbers start with 400 followed by a 1 and six digits.

·         400 1XXX XXX

In China the various toll free numbers can be a useful tool for supporting or attracting new business to your company. However, China 10 800 numbers can be a bit more restrictive as callers cannot access toll free service from their mobile phones. Also, if you establish a 10-800 number in China you will be given two numbers one for the northern portion of the country and one for the south. China 400 numbers might be a better option since they are accessible throughout the country and can be dialed from a mobile phone.


China 400 numbers are toll free numbers that are dialable from both landlines and mobile phones.

China toll free 10-800 numbers cannot be dialed from mobile phones or payphones.

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