DOW Networks Announces Building of New Data Center

DOW Networks Announces Building of New Data Center

Atlanta, GA, February 6, 2012 -DOW Networks announced today that it will be designing and building a new data center to provide increased disaster recovery and redundancy for its call center services and International Toll Free Numbers(ITFS) clients.

The new data center is part of an initiative to further align DOW Networks with the growing need for cloud-based call center services and traffic over international toll free numbers as required by the next generation VoIP Call Center. Current VoIP call center customers are getting the benefits of using hosted services including saving money on the upkeep, management, and replacement of an on-site telephone system. The data center allows DOW to provide the secure network needed by a VoIP call center taking calls 24/7 over international toll free numbers and local numbers. The new data center is designed specifically for call center VoIP solutions and disaster avoidance by using redundant systems that can take over in the event of hardware or software failure. Additionally, the data center will be easily expandable allowing DOW to support the growth of its contact center customers.

A call center requires its software solution to be available every second that the center is open. With a hosted solution, the call center services provider ensures network uptime giving the call center less to worry about. “DOW Networks is partnering with more call centers everyday,” said David Wise, CEO of DOW Networks. “We are building the infrastructure to become a world-class provider to call center customers and their clients,” Wise continued.

Uptime is particularly critical when a VoIP call center is using international toll free numbers in addition to hosted call center services. By building the new data center, DOW Networks will be better able to support the growth of its contact center clients around the world.


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