DOW Networks Expands Portfolio of International Phone Numbers

Leads Industry with 93 Countries

ATLANTA, GA, USA – March 30, 2010 – DOW Networks, a leading international provider of VoIP services and solutions for call centers and other businesses, today announced it has expanded its portfolio of international phone numbers and now offers toll free or local phone numbers from 93 countries.

“DOW Networks has provided customers with international phone numbers since 2001 and today offers them from more countries than anyone in our industry,” said David Wise, chief executive officer.  “In an increasingly global economy, local and toll free numbers are valuable business tools that help companies better communicate with customers, reduce costs and improve service.”

Local Numbers:  1,000+ Cities in 43 Countries

The company recently added local phone numbers to its product line from major cities in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru as well as Hong Kong.  Local phone numbers are also known as virtual numbers because they give companies a virtual presence in markets where they don’t have a physical presence.

A safari operator in South Africa can project a business presence in the UK by advertising a London phone number.  Interested parties can dial a London phone number and pay only for a local call, but the service has been configured to ring at the tour operator’s office in South Africa.  The local phone number allows the tour operator to enjoy many of the advantages of an office abroad without the cost.  Outside the US, DOW Networks offers local numbers from more than 1,000 cities in 43 countries.

The company has also added to its lineup of US phone numbers and today offers local numbers from 46 major metropolitan areas in 28 states.

Toll Free Numbers from 90 Countries

DOW Networks is a leader in domestic and international toll free numbers and can provide numbers from the US and 89 other countries.  Recently, the company added a new China toll free number that can be dialed from any mobile phone in that country.  The China toll free numbers offered by most telecom and voice over IP (VoIP) service companies can only be dialed from landline telephones.

Toll free numbers are widely used for inbound sales, customer and technical services by call centers and companies in virtually every industry, worldwide.  They allow customers to call the company at no cost to the customer.

DOW Networks can deliver calls from its toll free or local numbers to any location in the world using Voice over IP technology or via the public switched telephone network (PSTN).  It can provide advanced call routing features such as time of day routing and call redirect and also offers several failover routing options.

About DOW Networks

DOW Networks is a next-generation telecommunications service and solutions provider focused on meeting the international inbound and outbound calling needs of call centers, hotels, distributed enterprises and SMBs.  From offices in the US, South Africa, Costa Rica and Jamaica, it serves customers in more than 50 countries with telecommunications and enhanced voice over IP solutions including toll free services, international call termination, IP-based PBXs and more. For more information, please contact us at +1 770.937.9735 or visit us online

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