DOW Networks SA Offers Asterisk Solution

JOHANNESBURG (5 February 2007) –  DOW Networks SA, a leading provider of international VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) solutions to enterprise customers in more than 40 countries, announced an Asterisk-based IP PBX solution for call centers and other international businesses in South Africa.

The DOW Net PBX Silver is an IP-based system that uses Asterisk technology to provide full ACD, IVR and PBX functionality at a price significantly below that of other IP PBX systems.  It delivers voicemail, conference bridging, call queuing, call detail records and a broad range of other features that are easily customizable to customer needs and requirements.

“DOW Net Silver provides all the all features one would expect of a large proprietary PBX system but it is inexpensive, easily deployable and easily scalable,” said David Wise, CEO of Dow Networks.  “It is well matched to the needs of the fast growing number of call centers that are locating in South Africa.”

With DOW Net Silver PBX, customers can choose from a variety of Polycom Soundpoint IP Phones that best suit their business environment.  In addition, the system also supports a variety of softphone freeware.

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