DOW Networks Signs Interconnect Agreement with Telkom

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (26 January 2010) –  DOW Networks SA (Pty) Ltd., a leading international provider of VoIP services and solutions for call centres and other businesses, today announced it has signed an interconnect agreement with Telkom.

The agreement provides for a dedicated, high-speed connection to Telkom’s network from DOW Networks’ facilities in Johannesburg.  This will allow DOW Networks to terminate domestic and international traffic over Telkom’s network.

“The ability to exchange calls directly with Telkom will improve the quality and reliability of our national and local service, said David Wise, managing director of DOW Networks SA (Pty) Ltd.  “It also will improve our cost basis and increase our flexibility to set highly competitive rates.”

The agreement also will enable DOW Networks to offer its own range of 087 (non-geographic) numbers and eventually offer local numbers from Pretoria, Durban and other cities.  The company already offers local numbers from Johannesburg and Cape Town and from more than 100 cities outside South Africa.  It also offers toll-free numbers from South Africa and more than 90 other countries.

DOW Networks has made significant investments in its South Africa operation over the last two years, including its office in Johannesburg, network POPs (points of presence) in Johannesburg and Cape Town and a new office opened last month in Century City in Cape Town.

“The interconnect agreement with Telkom signals our commitment to continue to expand our operations in South Africa, a fast-growing market that also is the gateway to other emerging economies in Southern Africa,” Wise said.

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