Extended Call Recording Provides Affordable, Cloud-Based Call Storage Solution

AVOXI, a leading provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) solutions in the international market, now offers additional call recording storage options to meet client-specific needs.

Fully integrated into Smart Queue, AVOXI’s virtual call center software platform, Extended Call Recording allows contact centers to store thousands of conversations between agents and callers, all in the safety of the cloud.

AVOXI bases its standard Extended Call Recording packages on cumulative minutes stored. AVOXI now also offers customizable Extended Call Recording packages for clients requiring long-term storage and other unique requirements.

Unlike proprietary storage systems, Extended Call Recording requires no upfront or high capital costs. All calls are stored securely in the cloud, so business owners don’t have to account for the cost of ongoing maintenance or specialized staffing needs.

“Many customers that ask about our customizable Extended Call Recording packages are surprised at how many calls they can store for such an affordable subscription cost,” said Darren Sessions, Chief Technology Officer. “When it comes down to it, it just makes more financial sense for them to forget about on-site storage and let AVOXI do the work.”

But perhaps more important than the cost savings offered by Extended Call Recording is the ease with which customers can access individual calls. Smart Queue, AVOXI’s web-based call center software, allows users to efficiently search recordings using multiple filters, including time, date, agent, and call ID.

“Retaining call recordings is important, but it’s not really enough when it comes to proving compliance or creating effective agent training programs,” said Barbara Dondiego, CMO. “Smart Queue’s user-friendly search functionality is really what makes Extended Call Recording such a powerful tool for call center managers.”

To learn more about Extended Call Recording from AVOXI, contact the the AVOXI sales team at sales@avoxi.com or visit our website: www.avoxi.com.


AVOXI is a leading cloud communications and contact center software provider delivering exceptional communications as a service (CaaS) solutions to customers around the world. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. and with offices in Costa Rica, Jamaica, and South Africa, AVOXI offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services to international businesses spanning five continents.

The AVOXI portfolio of services includes: cloud-hosted virtual contact center solutions, cloud PBXs, SIP trunks, cloud telephony services. AVOXI is also proud to offer toll free numbers for over 80 countries, as well as local phone numbers that provide businesses with a local presence in markets where they may not have a physical location.

For more information about Smart Queue, AVOXI’s contact center platform, visit: www.avoxi.com.

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