Real Time Call Monitoring

Smart Queue Real Time Call Monitoring

With Smart Queue, you can monitor your agents’ calls and gain actionable insights on agent performance and call quality. Because our virtual call center solution is entirely cloud-based, you can use the call monitoring feature any time you have Internet access.

Monitor agent calls and ensure that quality standards are being met with just a few clicks. Simply choose the call that you wish to listen to, and select the “Monitor Call” option from the dropdown menu.

Feature Highlights

  • Listen to calls in real time to ensure that quality standards are met
  • Improve training by allowing new agents to listen to live calls
  • Relay helpful tips to your agents during live calls with Call Whisper

Call Whisper / Call Barge

Smart Queue’s live call quality monitoring function also allows you to coach agents using Call Whisper. Only your agents will hear you.

Call center supervisors can also join agent calls in progress with the Call Barge-In function. This is especially helpful for training new agents who may need the support of an experienced agent or manager.

Know What Your Agents Are Saying At All Times

Ready to learn more about Smart Queue call center software and real time call monitoring functionality? Schedule a demo with an AVOXI VoIP Specialist today.

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