How Do I Read My AVOXI Invoice?

Just received your first AVOXI invoice? This helpful guide will show you how to read your invoice.

In the top left corner you will see a box that includes all of your company information that you provided to us when you signed up for services.

Reading Your AVOXI Invoice - Company Information

Next to Bill To will be your company ID, followed by account name and billing address.

To the right of this box, you will find the information pertaining to the date of this invoice:

Reading Your AVOXI Invoice - Date

All invoices are released on the first of each month and will always be known as the Invoice Date. For your reference, we have included an Invoice Number that makes it easier to access/reference in case you find yourself with any further questions. Because we always bill one month in advance, the Period From and Period To will always be the date range for the previous month. Finally, the Due Date (which is typically the 8th of every month) is located on the invoice as well.

Below the company billing information we see an account billing breakdown:

Reading Your AVOXI Invoice - Billing Information

The Previous Balance is what you owed BEFORE this invoice was released on the first of the month. Payments shows what you paid during this invoice date range (i.e. during the previous month). Current Charges shows you the exact amount for THIS invoice. Lastly, the Total Due is the sum of your previous balance, minus payments made during the billing period, plus the cost of this invoice.

Finally, the last section covers the total price breakdown of this specific invoice:

Reading Your AVOXI Invoice - Current Charges

Call Charges is the total cost of the minutes used for all of your calls for this billing date range.

Subscription Charges are the monthly charges for all of your numbers/services as agreed upon on your Customer Service Agreement.

Credits are just that! If there is ever an error on our end that is brought to our attention, we will review the error and issue the credit to your account accordingly. Any credits issued will show on this row.

Manual Charges typically correspond with one-time, non-recurring charges (NRC) / setup fees for different types of numbers that we issue. The Subtotal is the sum of your call charges, subscription charges, and Credits / Manual Charges.

IntFee is an administrative cost recovery fee for worldwide tax and regulatory compliance. As AVOXI has multiple international offices and provides services worldwide, we deal with many different tax and regulatory entities. In many countries, telecommunications is a regulated service. And the cost of compliance is no small expense. The INTFEE helps us defray the cost of the compliance with these bodies to help us provide international services. To be clear, the fee is not a direct cost recovery for actual taxes and regulatory fees but instead for the compliance side—legal and regulatory counsel and filing costs.

Currently, AVOXI’s INTFEE is 17.3%. For further information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Lastly, your Total Current Charges shows you the exact amount for this invoice. This amount is comprised of Call Charges + Subscription Charges + Credits / Manual Charges + IntFee.


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