Why Am I Being Charged Twice for One Call?

You may have heard your Account Manager talking about separate legs of a call or mentioned terminating and originating rates. This is because as a call makes its trip from the caller to the receiver it makes two distinct trips.

This will also show up on your call detail report. If you see two calls next to each other it is representing the two legs of this call, and you will be charged twice for one call – a charge for each leg of the call.

Call Origination Cost

So what are these legs and what do they mean? To understand these we must first understand a little bit more about VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

The entire process starts when someone purchases a number from us, whether it is a local number or toll free number. When a number is acquired, the owner will then specify a destination so that when someone calls the purchased number, it forwards to the target destination. This can be a cell phone, land line, VoIP phone, etc. And so we have our entire setup.

For inbound calls, the first leg is when someone calls your number. At this point the call routes to our system were we have written the rules to route to leg two.

Mobile Phone Call to AVOXI Core Hosted Platform

Leg two is when we send the call from our system to the target destination you have specified.

AVOXI Delivers Call to VoIP Phone

So going back to our example you can see that leg 1 is the first entry, where the caller dials the toll free number, and leg 2 is where we link the call to your termination point.

Inbound and Outbound Call Legs

This leaves us with the entire call flow from the caller to you, wherever you should want this call routed. It is the same process for outbound calls through our hosted PBX. The call flowing from you to our PBX is leg one, and the call flowing from us to your target is leg two.

It is important to understand this concept of legs because in the majority of cases both legs of a call will be charged differently and it will make it easier to configure your number if you know how the system works. If this article does not remove all of your questions about call legs, don’t hesitate to let a representative know.


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