How to Use Call Conferencing

Set up call conferencing rooms for your phone numbers and extensions through the AVOXI Core Portal. You can create conference rooms and send invitations to participants directly through the Online Portal.

First, click on the number or extension you wish to use. From the individual number or extension view, select the Conferencing tab.

Call Conferencing Tab - AVOXI Core Online Portal

On the Conferencing screen, you will see a button labeled +Add Conference Room. Click the button and a new popup window will appear.

How to Create Conference Rooms

Name your conference room, and set the start times. Leave the start time blank to keep the room active at all times.

You will also have the option to select the maximum conference call duration and the maximum number of participants.

You can also choose to play an automated announcement when a new caller enters the room and whether or not the conference may begin without the host.

When you have configured your conference room, click the Add button. The new room will appear on your screen.

Now you are ready to create conference call events and send invitations.

How to Create Call Conferencing Events

Create Call Conferencing EventsTo create a conference call event, follow these steps:

  1. Name your conference call event.
  2. Choose the correct conference room from the dropdown list.
  3. Set your date, time, and duration.
  4. Add participants
  5. Choose your conference access numbers.
  6. Send conference call invites to meeting participants.

Note: You can also choose to add the conference room invitation to your calendar. The invitation will also appear in the default calendar applications on your computer.

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