How to Set Up Call Forwarding

Forward calls to your virtual phone numbers or AVOXI Core extensions with the call forwarding feature.


  1. Enter the phone number that you wish calls to ring to in the field labeled Destination.
  2. If you are forwarding calls to a SIP address, select the correct address from the dropdown list.
  3. Leave protocol set as UDP.
  4. Add a name for your forwarding rule.
  5. Choose how long you wish the call to ring before forwarding to voicemail or the next rule.
  6. Choose how you wish your incoming caller ID to display.
  7. Click the Save button to activate your forwarding rule.

AVOXI Core Call Forwarding Feature

If you have multiple forwarding rules, you can select how your calls are forwarded: in the order shown below, simultaneously, or randomly.

Call Forwarding Ring Sequence

To change the default setting, select your new setting and click Save again.

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