Why Can't I Receive Calls?

Having problems receiving calls? Here are some of the possible causes and solutions for problems with inbound calling.

Accessibility and Restrictions

Local (DID) numbers can be dialed from anywhere in the world. However, many international toll free numbers can only be dialed within the country.

For example: a customer who is physically located in India cannot complete a call to a Germany toll free number. This restriction also applies to free Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, like Skype.
If you are concerned that can’t receive calls from your toll free number, you can test it by dialing the number in the country for which it was purchase. For example: you can test your Germany toll free number by dialing it in Germany.

Dialing Format

Some numbers, like U.S.A. toll free numbers, have the standard format of 1 (8XX) XXX-XXXX. However the format of your toll free number can vary depending on the country. For example: India toll free numbers numbers start with 0008, whereas Vietnam toll free numbers formatted like this: 120 11 3XX.

If you are having problems receiving calls, make sure that your customers are aware of the dialing format for your toll free number.

Forwarding Calls to an Extension

Your local or toll free number will not work if they are forwarded to extensions that are not active.
For example: if your number is only forwarded to a softphone on a computer and you turn the computer off, your number will not work.

You can ensure that your number always works by forwarding it to voicemail or a failover number when your extension is inactive.

Still having problems receiving calls?

If you have tested all of these potential issues and you are still having problems receiving calls, please contact our support team via email or phone so we can help you resolve the problem.

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