How to Set Up Your Softphone

In this short tutorial, we will show you how to install and set up your softphone. These instructions are created for those using the Bria Stretto softphone from Counterpath.

When we have completed the installation of your services, we will send you a series of emails. The first email will contain confirmation that your services are ready.

  • The subject line of this email will be: “Installation Completed”.
  • This email contains your new number (if applicable) and a message describing additional emails you will receive.

Next, we will send a series of emails with your Bria Stretto download information. (One for each softphone.)

  • The subject line of these emails will be: “AVOXI Bria Stretto Configuration”.
  • This email includes download links for your Bria Stretto, as well as login information to access it once you have installed the softphone.

Now, it is time to install your Bria Stretto softphone.

To begin, click on the download link that is appropriate for your computer (Windows or Mac). Choose the destination you would like to save it to and click the Save button.

If you are running on a Linux system, you will need to talk with your Account Manager, as you will need a different product.

How to Download Bria Softphone Client


After downloading the execution file, activate it to begin the download. This will open a window asking if you would like to run this file. Click Run to continue, as shown below.

Run Bria Stretto Softphone File


If your computer is on a protected network, you may need the permission of your administrator to complete the installation. Have your administrator their information to continue.

Network Administrator Permissions Confirmation


Choose your preferred language and click OK.

How to Select Preferred Language for Softphone Client


Next, your computer may ask you to update some prerequisite programs that the Bria Stretto softphone needs to work. Click OK to continue.

Update Existing Programs to Install Bria Stretto


Now, the Install Wizard will open to install the Bria Stretto. Click Next to begin.

Bria Stretto Softphone Setup Wizard


Click the Check Box to agree to the license agreement and click Next to choose the destination for the download.

Bria Stretto License Agreement


Click Install to start your Installation.

Installing Bria Stretto Client


After the installation is complete, you will be presented with a screen that asks you to finalize the installation. Click Finish to exit the wizard.

Finish Bria Stretto Softphone Install


Now that you have downloaded the softphone, open the file to get to the login screen. You will use the login credentials from the installation email to log into your Bria Stretto.

Bria Stretto Login Screen



Now that your Bria Stretto has been installed, you are ready to make calls to anywhere in the world!

Remember: the format for dialing using your softphone is the country code followed by the number.

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