Time of Day Call Routing

Make Your Phone Numbers Work on Your Schedule with Time of Day Call Routing

Time of day routing allows companies to route calls based on operating hours.  For example, say a company has a customer care center in the US that is staffed from 8 am to 6 pm and simultaneously has a customer center in the Philippines that is staffed for the remainder of the day.  AVOXI can seamlessly redirect the toll-free number calls to the appropriate destination at the prescribed time, or on request.

Call Redirect

AVOXI provides Call Redirect options to customers with operations in multiple locations.  For example, a company has a call center in one location that is the primary recipient of toll-free number calls.  Should that call center receive its maximum capacity of calls, AVOXI can redirect the next call to an alternate site.

Additionally, AVOXI provides a web interface allowing customers to instantly redirect calls as they see fit.  For example, if a customer had a call center site down, they could instantly re-route incoming toll-free calls to a second site by themselves.

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