Toll Free Number Features

International Toll Free Service (ITFS) numbers can dramatically increase your market reach and are available from 100 countries.

Whether you have customers calling from the United States, Europe, Asia or South America, AVOXI provides the best combination of great quality, customer support and inexpensive pricing.

  • Auto Attendant

    Integrate your US toll free numbers ot ITFS with an IVR system that will offer professional voice greetings and multiple menu options to direct your call to the right department or person, no matter where in the world they are located.  We will work with you to build the voice menu that best fits your needs.

  • Toll Free Number Forwarding

    We can configure your system to ring your toll free numbers to your PBX or office phone, mobile phone or PC – anywhere in the world. Whether you are located close to your customers or a half a world away, all you customer knows is that when he rings your phone, someone answers, ready to help.

  • Voicemail and Unified Messaging

    We can configure your toll free numbers with voicemail services that include sending all messages to your PC or laptop as audio files. That means you can listen to your messages from anywhere, by phone, computer or email.

  • Call Recording

    We can configure a solution where all calls to your toll free numbers are recorded.

  • Hunt / Ring Group

    We can distribute calls to your toll free numbers among multiple hunt groups. You decide where they ring to and in what sequence.

  • Call Routing

    AVOXI can configure your toll free numbers with advanced routing options, including time-of-day, call redirect and failover.

  • Audio Conferencing

    Use US and international toll free numbers to access an on-demand audio conference room that we can reserve for your company.

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