Toll Free Number Failover and Redundant Routing

Downtime on the Internet or public switched telephone network (PSTN) can have significant negative impacts on your company. If customers can’t reach you because your toll free numbers are not working, you lose sales, productivity and credibility. If that happens too often, you lose customers.

AVOXI is a worldwide leader in providing US and international toll free number services that have high availability and high reliability. Because we work with multiple Tier 1 telecommunications carriers, we have redundant, high-quality Internet routes and telephone network connections to virtually any destination in the world. If a toll free call to your company is traveling on a route that is blocked, our failover routing mechanism can automatically and instantaneously resend your incoming call via another carrier to the IP address or phone number(s) you specify.

AVOXI Failover Provisions for Toll Free Number Redundancy and Service Continuity

AVOXI offers failover for toll free calls traveling VoIP and PSTN.

  • SIP to SIP Failover – If your IP PBX or SIP endpoints (i.e. IP phone) cannot answer calls, we can automatically reroute the call to a backup SIP destination (i.e. IP address) that you specify.
  • SIP with PSTN Failover – If your SIP device misses an incoming toll free call, our network seamlessly forwards that call to a PSTN phone number that you specify.
  • PSTN to PSTN Failover – If your toll free calls are traveling over the PSTN and are not getting through to you, we automatically foward those calls to backup PSTN numbers that you specify.
  • Failover to SIP and PSTN – We can setup toll free number failover options using a combination of SIP devices (IP address) or PSTN phone numbers that you specify.

To ensure that your toll free calls are always delivered when and where you want them, combine AVOXI’s failover options with advanced call routing features such as time of day routing and call redirect.

Contact us for more information regarding failover and redundant routing from AVOXI.

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You can read more about toll free number redundancy and failover provisions at our blog. Please visit Toll Free Number Redundancy

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