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CommentRespOrg and NASC Processes for Moving Your Toll Free Numbers

RespOrg and NASC – What’s the Difference?

RespOrg is the communication carrier responsible for managing your 800 number records. NASC is a process for forcing change of RespOrg. When a company chooses to switch their toll free number carrier, whether because of prices, carrier reliability, or any other reason, a process called Change of RespOrg, or simply... »
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CommentHistory of RespOrg.

The History of RespOrg

The existence of RespOrg, responsible organization, indirectly evolved from the 1984 breakup of AT&T.  Prior to 1984, AT&T had a monopoly on assignment and management of 800 numbers. RespOrg is an abbreviation for Responsible Organization. Newton’s Telecom Dictionary defines RespOrg as “telecommunications providers that have responsibility for obtaining 8XX service... »
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CommentUnderstanding International Toll Free Numbers

RespOrg – What Is It?

RespOrg is an abbreviation for "Responsible Organization", a telecommunications provider responsible for keeping records about your toll free numbers. You may wonder about the 1-800 “RespOrg” process.  Here's some info that might help. (more…)
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