Virtual PABX

Virtual PABX systems.  AVOXI Core allows your employees to focus on your core business.

A virtual PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) is a private telephone switching system that is hosted by a telephony provider.

Virtual PABX Overview

A virtual PABX is a private telephone switching system that allows outside phone lines from a telecommunications provider to connect to extensions within the office or building.

Virtual PABX – A Closer Look

A virtual PABX functions from a remote location, allowing for clear and efficient communications. The system is self-contained and is devoted specifically to one subscriber. Virtual PABX systems have an internal switching network that is programmed for routing to extensions, and voice mail for all users.

AVOXI’s Virtual PABX Solution – AVOXI Core

AVOXI’s virtual PABX solution AVOXI Core gives your admin the choice to handle end-user settings or instruct end users on how to handle their own settings.

Some of the features offered with a virtual PABX include:

  • Call Redirect
  • IVR/Auto Attendant
  • Five Free Extensions
  • Conference Room
  • Control Panel
  • Plus Many More!

Telecommunications devices have expanded from individual desk phone systems, to a central switchboard within businesses that routed calls manually, to the virtual PABX phone system that has the capacity to route calls coming into the business.

Benefits of virtual PABX systems include:

  • Affordable solution for all business sizes
  • Smaller businesses appear much larger
  • The ability to hire remote workers
  • Solutions can grow with your business

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