Voice Logging Explained

Smart Queue is a cost-effective virtual call center that includes voice logging.

Voice logging explained: also known as call recording, is the practice of listening to, recording, and assessing interactions between agents and callers.

Voice Logging Explained

Voice logging enables call centers to enhance their agents’ productivity and customer service.

Voice Logging – A Closer Look

Voice logging is commonly used by call centers for a variety of reasons. In some areas, all parties to a call must be aware that a voice logger is being used. In these cases, an automated message should be set up to inform the caller that they may be monitored or recorded.

Voice Logging from AVOXI

When using AVOXI’s call center solution, Smart Queue, voice loggings are stored for 15 days. Clients can also purchase extended storage for the recordings.

Voice logging is a feature that is included with AVOXI’s call center solution, Smart Queue, as well as AVOXI’s Cloud PBX, AVOXI Core.

Voice logging began being used in 1890s by law enforcement professionals. Consumer call recording hardware was introduced in 1970s, and the devices were connected to the same physical line as one of the telephones involved in the conversation.

Voice logging offers many different opportunities for businesses, including:

  • Agent training
  • Agent productivity
  • Quality control
  • Follow-up information
  • Liability protection
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